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NEW ARTICLE: "Treating Others with Dignity and Respect - Four Leadership Traps to Avoid"

By Lee Ellis

Many leaders may not be aware that the strongest motivations we have are to meet our deepest desires and human needs. Beyond safety and security, most of us have a deep desire to be valued, to count for something, and to have meaning and purpose. Being disrespected attacks our basic dignity and that undermines these deep needs, arousing strong emotions of negative energy.

Let’s look deeper at the four dangerous traps related to dignity and respect that leaders should avoid…   

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EVENT: A Special Group of Leaders – Vietnam POW Reunion Event in San Antonio TX

Lee and his wife, Mary, had a great weekend recently spending time with his former Vietnam POW comrades in San Antonio TX at the annual NAM-POW Reunion. This special group of heroes continues to live and lead with honor by sharing their experience and expertise with others.

See all of the photos and stories from this annual historic event, and share your comments –

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FAQ: How Do You Deal With a Team Member(s) Who Isn’t Performing?

As a leader, how you do deal with a team member(s) who isn’t performing up to expected levels? What’s the best way to handle it? Lee shares his 7 recommended steps in this FAQ –

1. Get the data and details straight so you have evidence.

2. Meet with the person and clarify expectations and ask why they are not being met.

3. Explain to the person what is required.

4. Provide coaching if needed.

5. Lay out the consequences if performance does not improve.

6. If performance does not improve, hold the person accountable by following through with the consequences.

7. Be respectful and discreet throughout the process. Caring and tough. Firm and fair.

Do you agree or disagree? Any additional steps that you have successfully used in the past? Please share your comments on Lee’s Blog –

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