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New Article: "Seasonal Changes in Leadership - The Critical Benefits of Developing Next Generation Leaders"

By Lee Ellis | This season of the year is a good time to be grateful for the energetic young leaders in your organization and plan ahead for equipping them for the future.

Do you have a vision for them? Find out more about the benefits and planning steps for nurturing these important people assets –

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Article - "How Speakers Can Crack the Emotional Shell of Their Audience"

Are you a leader that must frequently speak in front of groups?

In this new article in the November 2014 issue of Speaker Magazine, Lee shares his personal insights on ways to “crack the emotional shell” of your audiences through lessons learned from senior POW leaders.

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NEW TOOL: Applying the Honor Code in Your Leadership – Free Download Offer

Personal core values help you weather times of uncertainty. They help solidify your decision-making before tough decisions need to be made. They clarify how to build great personal and business relationships.

Lee has created a new Honor Code that provides the simplicity of 7 guiding principles for life and decision-making in leadership—principles such as “Tell the truth, even when it’s difficult.” and “Keep Your Word and Keep Your Commitments”.

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NEW - Fox and Friends Interview - "Former Vietnam POW Talks CIA Interrogation Report"