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New Forbes Magzine Article - "Has Accountability Died In Our Culture? Reviving It, Courageously"

Forbes Contributor, Kathy Caprino, spends some time with Lee to talk about the reality that true accountability seems to be a dying trait. In both young and older professionals alike, accountability is clearly waning. According to award-winning author and leadership consultant Lee Ellis, it’s time to reverse this trend of lack of accountability.

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NEW ARTICLE: "Running Towards Heart Connections in Leadership"

By Lee Ellis |

This past spring I had the privilege of running with American’s Running Coach, Jeff Galloway in the RetroRun—a six-mile race in Pigeon Forge, TN. We happened to be side-by-side at the starting line for the senior group, and over the first few miles he taught me two lessons.

The first one was about running and the second one was really a reminder of a lesson I have to learn again from time to time.

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New Entrepreneur Magazine Article - "The 9C's of Entrepreneurial Success"

Is successful leadership caught or taught? It’s a question worth asking if you want to conquer new areas in work and business. Courageous accountability follows a proven process. These 9C’s give you the tactical, soft skills that you need to create a culture of success -

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