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Mother and USAF Public Affairs Leader Creates ‘Leading with Honor’ Blog Training Series

The Leading with Honor Team has an amazing group of fans and followers that believe in the power of leading with character, courage, and commitment. After one of Lee’s keynote presentations at the Wisconsin Air National Guard in 2015, Public Affairs Specialist and SSgt Andrea Rhode USAF, was inspired to write her own blog series for her fellow USAF officers and staff based on the 14 leadership lessons.

Andrea represents the caliber of sacrificial leadership to motivate and lead herself and others.

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NEW ARTICLE: "The Reality of Dishonorable Leadership: 3 Tips to Avoiding Failure"

By Lee Ellis

From the smallest of indiscretions to the largest cover up, neglecting one’s duty and pursuing selfish choices is part of the human condition. This path to personal and professional failure isn’t a new concept—this critical vulnerability has been that way since the beginning of time.

If you think that you’ve mastered the issue of leading with honor, then you’re critically vulnerable.

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Coming in September 2016! The Latest Book from Lee Ellis

You've read Leading with Honor, and now Lee applies the leadership lessons into a new model of courageous accountability in Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability.

Honor and accountability are linked together as a formula for great leadership, and a healthy mindset of accountability can inspire every team and organization to achieve a higher level of performance. The key is engaging with courage, commitment, and caring concern as opposed to motivation by fear, intimidation, and self-preservation.

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