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New Article: "A Surprising Encounter of Team Camaraderie: Three Leadership Observations on Successful Team Cohesion"

By Lee Ellis | Reflecting back over the years of my military and leadership consulting careers, I’ve noticed that camaraderie is usually present in high-performing teams that endure over a long period of time.

What are some of the hallmarks that we can learn from such teams?  And what are some important steps to help a leader to build camaraderie?

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Personal core values help you weather times of uncertainty. They help solidify your decision-making before tough decisions need to be made. They clarify how to build great personal and business relationships.

Lee has created a new Honor Code that provides the simplicity of 7 guiding principles for life and decision-making in leadership—principles such as “Tell the truth, even when it’s difficult.” and “Keep Your Word and Keep Your Commitments”.

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Inforgraphic - "6 Ingredients for a Winning Recipe of Success in a Competitive World"

To successfully lead yourself and others, there are some key foundational ingredients that comprise true long-term success and momentum.

Recently, Lee enjoyed a corporate dinner event with the client and heard some great words of wisdom from the CEO. Hearing the executive’s perspectives and observing his attitude and relationship confirmed that he was a leader who really understands how good relationships get better results.

Read about the six proven ingredients that he shared -

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